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Headset Mic Arm Variant Needed
Comtac 2's Loose Fitment
Peltor Size 1 - Loose Fitment or Gen II RAC Link P+
Comtac 3's / 5's Flexi-Boom Peltor Size 1 or Gen II RAC Link P+
Comtac SWAT-TACs VI's Arm Peltor Size 2 or Gen II RAC Link P+
Comtac VI's VI's Arm Peltor Size 2 or Gen II RAC Link P+
Comtac XPI's Flexi-Boom Peltor Size 1 or Gen II RAC Link P+
Comtac XPI's Articulating Arm Peltor Size 3 or Gen II RAC Link P+
Comtac 7's Articulating Arm Gen II RAC Link 7's

 Note: For use on Team Wendy, MTEK, HHV, and other M-Lok Railed helmets, use the Unity Tactical adapter available here. For MSA Sordin/TCI Liberator Neckband users: Installation of ESS Mounting Studs is required. Gen II RAC Links are incompatible with the Downlead Retainers. For Gen II RAC Links: Mic Arm use is limited to the right side. Apply Loctite during the installation process.

The RAC Link allows users to easily attach their currently owned or issued headsets to the innovative Ops-Core AMP Helmet Rail Mount Kit (RAC headset arms). 

Kit Includes the selected RAC Link and the complete Ops-Core Arm Assembly.


  • Non-destructive, simple installation
  • Strong, low-profile interface 


  • Helmet-specific Mic Link
  • 3-4 RAC Links
  • Set of AMP Arms
  • Set of screws and t-posts (Loctite must be applied.)
  • Set of Tubular Hardware
  • 2 RAC Link Hubs
  • 1 Instruction card

For use on the Crye Precision Airframe, use the following:

Unity Platform Adapter

MLOK Airframe Rail Set 

For installation instructions, see the following :

AXL RAC Link Install Instructions

Peltor Comtac VI RAC Link Install 

NOTE: Understand by using this product, that it may void the original product's warranty (AMP Rail Mount Arms or your headset). If the original product happens to fail or break, we are not responsible for any damage done to the product.

AXL is not responsible for defective OpsCore / Gentex AMP Arms. However, if you need replacement RAC Link parts, you can click here.

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