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The Eclipse Belt is an ultra-lightweight, next-generation rigid micro battle belt that offers modular buckle type and location. Due to its advanced construction techniques and materials, it is under 5 ounces (Medium, G-Hook) unloaded. 

The Eclipse Belt is 1.9" tall and will fit through the belt loops of Crye and similar pants if desired. 

 The Eclipse Belt comes standard with a G-Hook attachment, with Austrialpin 1" Cobra and 1" Raptor Buckles available as an option.

The position of the running end of the buckle is changeable along the belt, allowing 1.5" gross sizing adjustments. This allows the user to size their belt down significantly for seasonal clothing changes. 
The inherent negative space of the Eclipse allows new and advanced attachment hardware designs while maintaining compatibility with traditional MOLLE pouches. 
The belt is sized the same as your pants, order the same size as the pants you wear. If you're on the border, order the larger size, as it can be adjusted down. 
Pants Size Belt Size  Number of Slots
28-32" Small 20
32-35" Medium 22 
36-38" Large 24
38-40" Extra Large 26
40-44" XX-Large 28


Note: Belts have a minimum lead time of 6 weeks.

For Belt Setup Instructions Click Here

 ** The Eclipse is not intended to be, nor rated for use as, a fall restraint or arrest device, do not use any part of the Eclipse as any type of safety tie in point under any circumstance **

Belts may be back-ordered, but not with an optional buckle. 

Some images contain optional accessories, other AXL products, or other company’s products, all sold separately.

US and International Patents Pending

Made in the USA