Collaborative Cabal

Part of our mission at AXL is to enable creators through collaborative design.

  • We are always doing collaborative projects in a myriad of spaces, materials, and industries.
  • You can reach our design team at:

 Collaborative Designers/Projects: 

PHLSTER (Jon Hauptman)

Jon is a concealment expert, who has been innovating in the concealed readiness space constantly for almost a decade. We worked with him to enable the next generation of concealed capabilities by leveraging our knowledge of materials science and processes with his experience and creativity in the concealment market. 

PHLster AXL Advanced Enigma Holster Belt



Bergspitze Customs (Kory Bergspitze

Kory is an experienced tactical nylon designer, who needed someone with the capabilities to bring his new ideas to life. We helped him bring to market ideas that would improve the quality of use for end users across a variety of brands and needs. 



Shaw Concepts

 Shaw is a Recondo with a passion for creating better equipment for his maritime cohorts. We helped him ensure that his newest project, the ARC Carrier, was a complete ecosystem.


 NN Concepts (Jeff Gammons)

                  Jeff is a night vision end user with a passion for tinkering and solving problems. We helped him bring his vision to market at a scale and quality that reflected it's potential. 


Nods Nest NN Concepts AXL Advanced Multicam Arid